a gift registry for 529 Plans and education savings accounts


Ways to Save for Education

It's never too early or too late to start saving for education.

There are many ways to save for education.
Some examples include:

  • savings account
  • mutual fund
  • educational savings account (ESA)
  • 529

The type of account you decide to open depends on the family's needs. We recommend you consult a tax and/or financial advisor to decide which account is best for your child and your family. We do not give investment or tax advice.

Regardless of how you choose to save for education, you can register that account with The Gift of Education.

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The Gift of Education is a powerful tool to provide a real and meaningful difference in the lives of our children. In a world where the hottest electronic or the latest toy is talked about and discarded once the newest one arrives, The Gift of Education is something that will last forever.

—Patricia H.
Houston, Texas

Give the Gift of Education

Some of our features include:

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  • Automatic account holder notification when a gift is given.
  • Print or email custom gift certificates.
  • Built-in “thank you” feature.
  • Detailed history of gifts.
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