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General Questions

What is the Gift of Education?

The Gift of Education is a gift registry 529 College Savings Plans and education savings accounts. Saving money for college, preschool tuition, a school field trip, outdoor education or a class trip to Washington DC? We've got you covered. Create an account and start saving for education. Better yet, create an account and ask friends and family to help you save for your child's future.

What are the benefits of using The Gift of Education?

It's simple. Giving the gift of education is truly a gift that will last a lifetime. In the past, making a contribution to a 529 College Savings Plan or any other education savings account would require the gift giver to write a check. Our funding platforms streamlines the process. No more checks. All contributions made on our website are electronically deposited direclty into the recipients account. Contributions will post to the recipients account within 3 to 4 business days. See How It Works.

Can I only register a 529 College Savings Plan?

No. You can register any 529 Plan, saving or checking account you have set up to save for education. There are many reason someone needs to save for education. Saving for college with a 529, saving for a school trip to Washington DC or choir trip to Europe or simply saving for preschool tuition? We've got you covered. 

What types of accounts does The Gift of Education work with?

Our website accommodates contributions to 529 College Saving Plans, saving accounts and checking accounts. We currently do not accommodate contributions to Coverdell IRAs. To be clear, The Gift of Education does not facilitate or assist in opening accounts. The Gift of Education is a tool or vehicle that facilitates contributions into existing 529 Plan or education savings accounts.

Can I register more than one child?

Yes, you can register all your children under a single login and user name. A separate gift history will be saved for each child.

Will people be able to see my child/student's bank account information?

No. The bank account information you register with The Gift of Education will not be public.

Is my personal and financial information secure?

Yes. The Gift of Education always transmits your personal and financial information securely with high-grade 256-bit SSL encryption. Our SSL certificate is provided by Comodo, the industry leader for secure online transactions. Additionally, a personal login and password is needed to access the information.

Is my payment information secure?

Yes. The Gift of Education always transmits your personal and financial information securely with 256-bit SSL encryption. Additionally, The Gift of Education does not store your credit card information. We use Braintree Payments, a world-wide leader in secure financial transactions. Click here to view their privacy policies.

How long will it take for contributions to reach my bank or financial institution?

It may take up to 4 business days for contributions to post to your bank account. It may take longer depending on your bank or financial institution.

Why do you need to know the minimum deposit?

Most 529 Plans have minimum deposits ranging from $15 to $250. If you are registering a 529 Plan with The Gift of Education that has a $50.00 minimum (as an example), we need to let people know. Otherwise, if a person makes a donation and the amount is less than the minimum, there will be a delay in getting the money to the child's account. Checking and savings accounts typically do not have minimum deposit amounts.

What do you recommend if my child's account has a high minimum deposit?

Consider setting up a savings account. Savings accounts are easy to set up and usually have low minimum deposits. You can always transfer the money into another account at a later date.

Can I use an account from a foreign or overseas bank?

No. The Gift of Education will not send money overseas.

What are the fees associated with using The Gift of Education?

There is no fee to create an account or to create your child/student's profile.

A fee of 2.9% of the gift amount + $2.30 will be charged to the gift giver.

What amounts can I give?

Any amount. However, in the case of 529 plans, you must give an amount equal to or greater than the stated minimum deposit amount.

What is the maximum amount I can give through The Gift of Education website?

There is not maximum amount you can give through thegiftofeducation.com.

Is it possible to get a refund?

No. Once a gift has been sent a refund cannot be granted.

Account and Login Information

Will my contact information be shared?

No. The Gift of Education does not share or sell client information.

What if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking the “Forgot Your Password” link on the Sign In page. Then, follow the  instructions on the screen and those sent to the email address on the account.

How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel your account by contacting customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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