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The first thing most millennials and GenZ students look for is a loan to help them with their college expenses. But loans are not always the best option to choose. According to a non-profit research group, an average American student graduates with roughly $29,000 in student loans. That’s a significant amount of money to repay over the course of your life.

But listen up all millennials and GenZ students; don’t saddle yourself with tons of debt even before you enter the ‘real world.’ This is not virtual reality or a video game where you get free points for playing through a level. Surviving through real life means you need real money and real sources.

You can easily find easier ways to fund your college education, with a little hard work and creativity on your part.

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Work-Study Programs
While submitting your FAFSA, which refers to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, tick the box that inquires if you are interested in student employment. This program offers work-study options to thousands of students. Since all work-study jobs are part-time, you don’t have to be a full-time student to qualify. You may have to work for an off-campus employer on a minimum wage, but it’s still worth it. The work will also be in line with your field of study.

Look for High-Paying Jobs
Students don’t have to stick to typical jobs to keep the expenses rolling. Don’t limit yourself to delivery jobs or trivial jobs. You can also score a big gig that gives you instant and significant cash.
There must be a skill that you can hone with some effort. Thanks to the internet, you have more ways to market your talents and showcase your work. You can also find on-site jobs such as becoming an assistant in a law or construction firm.

Build a few basic skills to keep working your way up, on the career ladder.

Save on Textbooks
It is true that some textbooks are ridiculously expensive. Once your semester is over, many of these books will wind up on your parent’s coffee tables as a proof of your degree.
But not every book has a digital version online. Since you must buy textbooks, it is a great idea to borrow slightly used or old editions that are in good condition.

Explore Various Scholarships
Don’t lose hope, if you get rejected. There are hundreds of scholarships for the deserving candidates. You might actually be surprised to find out how many you can qualify for when you start probing into different options.
Since you belong to the tech-savvy generation, make use of the internet and some of the best available tech tools. Set up an online calendar to track important dates and key information you need to submit with each application. Don’t just rely on one scholarship for getting you through college.

Bottom Line
Sometimes, all you need to get through college is a little help from your loved ones. Why not invite them to get registered on a crowd-funding platform for helping you graduate? Thanks to The Gift of Education, you and your parents can set up a free account and link your 529 or other savings account. Since, there is no setup fee, anyone can benefit from this wonderful site.


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