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A common way to generate capital for your cause, whether it’s to help pay for college or donate to a charity, is through fundraisers. A good way to meet new people and raise some money, donation fundraisers are all the hype nowadays because they can be more than just events, but online as well.

Even though events are considered to be a better way to raise money since they help you meet new people and give them a fun event, which is an incentive to donate, they do have a tendency of costing a lot more and having a low return on investment.

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Online fundraisers don’t have the risk of low turnout associated with them, which is why they’re preferable. These are usually done through an online crowdfunding platform such as ‘The Gift of Education’. Whether you’re planning an event or an online fundraiser, if it’s done at the right time, it’ll turn out better than expected.

Based on research by the Center of Philanthropy, most people send their donations during the time between Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. This trend is expected to be pretty accurate, considering the entire buzz around those times that influences people to be generous and giving. Other studies show that a large percentage of donations that are given out all year round, about 1/4th, are donated during the last few weeks of the year.

Timing is very important in fundraising; asking for donations at the wrong time can risk in you not getting any from a person at all. Aside from determining what time of the year is best for donation fundraisers, it’s crucial that you cue your fundraising trips or emails for early in the morning. That’s when people are most likely to be responsive and donate to your cause.

Now that you’ve figured out what times of the year and day are best for your donation fundraiser to generate capital, here are some guidelines that can help your fundraiser develop momentum and get the most out of the charitable season.

How successful your campaign becomes is not only dependent upon the message that it spreads and who it donates to but also how well you plan it. If you intend to set up an event, make sure you start planning months before when the event is set to take place.

This will give you enough time to help your fundraiser gain traction and attention from the public. For online fundraisers, you need a large time-margin for planning as well, but it isn’t as strict. Even a month can be enough for you to set up a great angle and other triggers that will influence people to donate.

In case there isn’t much time left till you launch your online fundraiser, it’s recommended that you spend time wisely by gaining more and more of a following of people who are willing to donate. These are all the ways that you can raise money for a cause that you believe in, no matter what it is. It can be a little disappointing to not have as many people donate as you would like, but the key is to not stop promoting your fundraiser to others.


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