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College is expensive, and let’s admit that it’ll be hard to pay the hefty price altogether when the time comes. That is why saving beforehand is highly beneficial. Not only does it protect your family from getting into a financially unstable position, but it can make the process of getting through college much easier as well.

Fundraising sites are a good option to get a little extra help from friends and family, for when you’re likely to need it most. But there are more than just a few ways that you can use a donation fundraiser site for college. Here are some creative techniques that you can raise funds for more than just your child’s college tuition.

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1) Saving Gifts from Friends and Family
The first and foremost reason to start an account on a fundraising website is to save money that comes from your friends and family. You can request your parents and relatives to make a donation to your crowdfunding account so that your child can get an excellent education in the future. This will keep them from spending money on unnecessary gifts and instead, they can make a greater investment in your child’s future.

2) Receiving Donations from All around the World
Sometimes, contributions from just family members aren’t enough and you need a little extra help to reach your goal. This is especially true for smaller families that aren’t in contact with other members, and single-parent families. In these cases, it helps to ask for help from strangers around the world. Asking strangers to donate money for your child’s college fund isn’t easy, but it can be made so if you leverage social media.

3) Receive Donations from Investors
There are a good number of investors who are looking to pay a certain amount of a child’s tuition for them. They invest money by donating it to an account on a forum such as a ‘The Gift of Education’ – a popular crowdfunding platform.
It does require that the beneficiary sign a contract with the investor, essentially promising to pay a percentage of their future income to the third-party. The amount your child will be paying back will depends on the kind of job he/she will land and investors are mostly gambling on the fact that it will be one of the high-paying kind.

4) Get Contributions for Textbooks
Aside from tuition, there are other expenses to be considered as well. After tuition, textbooks are the most costly thing that students will have to pay for in college. By deciding to save money for college textbooks through a crowdfunding site, you can ensure that your child has the necessary tools to study well and complete his/her degree in four years to reduce additional costs.

5) Get Donations for Study or Research
Once your child is in college, a feasible idea is to utilize a fundraising site’s capability to help pay for your child’s education. It’s probable that your child will have to pay for certain exams, courses or to conduct a research that will support his/her degree. A fundraising site such as The Gift of Education can provide you with the opportunity to generate funds for such a time.

Crowdfunding solutions such as the one provided by ‘The Gift of Education’ is a great help in allowing your child to achieve his/her future goals. You can start receiving donations today by setting up an account for no extra charge.


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