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It is definitely not easy to provide quality education for your children or grandchildren. Fundraising campaigns may prove to be a helping hand that sends your children to a better college than you could on your own.

Before you begin the campaign or acquiring the needed funding, you must be aware of how this works and other aspects of donation funding. However, it doesn’t matter if you are a donator or a receiver, it is vital that you know where you are investing and whether you will be receiving any donations.

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You should also be aware of the platforms you can use to set up tax-deferred accounts for your child. With economy volatility, setting up donation fundraising accounts for children even before they are born is becoming the norm.

To get the answers you need, we have tried to address as many questions as you may have regarding donation fundraising.

  1. How Do I Get Started?
    • The first step is to do your research. This means that you need to be aware of the tax laws and any other regulations that govern college funds. Besides this, finding the correct platform for setting up your funding account is necessary. Once you have set up an account, you can send links to people you know or spread these links and gain donations. Most donation fundraising links contain an option to donate via debit or credit cards. You can confirm these transfers by checking the account you have set up for these donations.


  2. How Does This Work?
    • Donation fundraising works on the fundamentals of crowdfunding techniques, friends, family members and even acquaintances can contribute to the future education of your child. The steps are quite simple, you have to begin with choosing direct or agent sold 529 plans. These plans are tax-deferred and can be linked to websites such as www.thegiftofeducation.com. This collaboration allows external funds to be transferred into your child’s college savings in the form of donations.

      These plans are also transferable, in case one of your children does not want to attend college, your other children can benefit from the funds available. These links can also be set up by grandparents who are willing to finance their grandchildren’s education. The only potential downfall you may experience are legal ramifications should you withdraw from the funds for matters other than education. This leads to income tax and a 10% penalty.


  3. How Will I Recieve Donations And Do The Donors Need Accounts?
    • Every time a relative, friend or anyone else deposits an amount using your link on www.thegiftofeducation.com, your accounts balance will increase. This refers to the account you have linked to the donation page. Your donators do not require an account on this website. They can simply visit the link and add their details to their credit or debit cards. They do not need to list themselves as donors in case they are unable to stay consistent with the donations.


  4. Is There A Limit To These Funds?
    • No, there isn’t. Your peers and well-wishers can donate as little or as much as they like. You donation fundraising campaign will run its course, but you can also end it by consulting the people at www.thegiftofeducation.com.

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