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Direct fundraising has taken a front seat in education saving plans over the past decade. This can partly be attributed to the fact that today’s economy is not what it used to be and getting a higher education, especially in private institutions, is challenging.

Direct donations have become convenient thanks to online funding sites such as www.thegiftofeducation.com. This is a fundraising website aimed at providing investment resources for education. It can be directly linked to whatever education plan you have set up for your child to ensure all the direct payments are injected into the savings plan.

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When Does This Work?

In general, direct fundraisers can be used by anyone for any project related to education. You can also opt for financial aid when your child is short on cash for a specific project.

But, for schools, The Gift of Education can be used to do the following:

  1. Build A Strategy:
    • Do not cancel previously set up fundraising groups for cancel anything you have started beginning the school. Instead, you can add the direct fundraiser to your existing ones.


  2. An Incentive Is Great:
    • Incentives can help draw out more donors than a non-incentive based program. You do not have to go overboard with this, you can offer souvenirs that carry your school's logos, such as a cup or a whistle or a cap. Besides this, you can look for local amusement parks, gyms, etc. and inquire whether they can participate in the giveaway for the program.


  3. Appreciate The Donors:
    • Most donors want to keep their details anonymous, but appreciating them can help make this donation program successful. If you are unable to mention exact details, create a board around school property that recognizes the donors from www.thegiftofeducation.com


  4. Be Open To Different Funding Options:
    • While direct donations can be kept open for more than a specific period of time, and for however long it takes to fund a specific project. , Nevertheless, do not limit your funding options to one donation account, and make sure that your donors have a variety of funding gateways accessible to them.

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