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Welcoming a new life into this world and celebrating the miracle of birth is one of the best experiences in anyones life. If you have been given the responsibility of planning a baby shower then you need to make sure everything is perfect.

It is certainly challenging to choose the perfect gift for the parents to be. Most parents will already prepare a list of things they need for your child. But a thoughtful gift can certainly add to the happiness and joy of the celebration.

9th month abdomen adult 266094For the Mother

At baby showers, there will be an array of gifts that are for the little bundle of joy and rightfully so. But in this frenzy mothers tend to forget themselves and after giving birth the responsibility increases immensely. There is hardly any time left for the new mother to take care of herself. Getting the future mother a care package is something really sweet, thoughtful and highly practical. You can find a variety of premade baby-mamma gift baskets.

You can also put together a basket will all the favorite goodies of the future mother. Prepare a basket with items such as anti-stretch mark creams, sheet masks, moisturizers, sleep spray, etc. You can always add a few organic chocolates to the mix.

Changing Mat Sets

A mother needs asset of portable changing mats. This is one of the most necessary items that you can give to the future mother. Find the top rated ones that are compact and easy to carry. If these mats have some extra storage for diapers and such, then they are the perfect choice for a new mother.


This is certainly one of the most valuable gifts that anyone can give new parents, especially if the child that is coming into this world is related to you. This is great for both friends and family. You set up a 529 plan for the baby and gift it to the parents who can then continue with the contributions or ask the parent to set up a 529 plan and share the link with their baby shower invitations. Set up a fund for the child's education and contribute the initial amount. After setting up a fund, link it to a giftofeducation.com account that will help further contribute towards your child’s educational savings. This will set up a profile for the child to which anyone can contribute whatever amount they like. There are several options to choose from when giving a gift of education to the child. Other than this, you can always add educational toys to the package as well.

Soothing Noises

Amidst pampers, cots and baby oils there is hardly any time to ponder over how well the baby or the parents will sleep. A machine that creates soothing sounds is one of the best stimuli for a baby to fall asleep to. This is a trick that has helped many new parents who know absolutely nothing about a newborn. Certainly a thoughtful present.


These are one of the best-helping hands a new mother can use. They are multifunctional bed-like mats that can be used anywhere. Your baby can sleep on it; play with you or even cuddle. They are extremely easy to wash and clean.


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